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McCollister’s Logistics Group is a logistics service provider who understands the critical nature of our clients' projects. The most effective service we provide our clients is allowing them to focus on their core business by freeing up their time. We do this by handling the freight, warehousing and installation processes. We provide easy access through our website, allowing tracking of the entire project.

Through experience we have learned the urgency needed to handle all projects with kid gloves, no matter which segment of our service offerings is engaged.

McCollister’s Logistics Group provides freight, warehousing and installation solutions for hospitality, retail, restaurant and healthcare projects.

McCollister’s Logistics Group is a division of McCollister's Transportation Systems, the largest agent of United Van Lines and Mayflower Transit.

Whether it comes to finding the appropriate freight carrier at efficient pricing, an effective warehouse near your project and/or an installation team with the experience to ensure your project is successful, MLG along with McCollister's and their assets will provide an effective, efficient, quality solution.

The backbone of our entire process is our tracking system. This system has been developed to manage the flow of information associated with each project, allowing our customers online password protected visibility, 24/7. All facets of the project are logged into the system, giving everyone involved a singular point of reference. This gives the process structure, allowing a real time snapshot of the timeline and project process.